‍ ‍ Bringing the coffees of Perú, to a table near you. ‍ ‍



Until 30th of October: Sending samples & delivery of lots at Finca Churupampa´s warehouse in Jaén, Cajamarca

31st October / 1st November: Final cuppings at Finca Churupampa Lab

Beginning of November: Delivery of representative samples abroad & international cupping at roasteries and importers

22th – 23th November: Online Auction

As the first Atipanaku 2019 was a great success and we received lots of positive feedback from producers and roasters, we were hoping to be able to make Atipanaku 2020 an outstanding event with the visits of many invited roasters. Unfortunately, Covid 19 does not allow us to do that. Still we have decided - and there was no doubt - that Atipanaku has to be continued. If visits in Peru are not going to be possible this year the solution is, again:
Bringing the coffees of Peru, to a table near you.

Especially as most other competitions were cancelled, we´re happy that Atipanaku 2020 offers producers the opportunity to compete on a national level again and gives roasters the chance to try and purchase some of the most outstanding Peruvian microlots. Many exceptional lots have already been delivered. We can´t wait to cup the final rounds and are looking forward to sharing those coffees with you. If you´re interested to participate in the competition as a buyer and to receive samples, please contact us.

Or mail us at: thomas (at) atipanaku.com or info (at) atipanaku.com